Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Swiss Results

Congratulations to Khoa on winning the July Swiss with a perfect 4-0.

Fourth Round Results

Frank       0    Khoa    1
Anthony  .5    Duy       .5
Calvin      1    Nam      1
Huy         1F  John E.   0
Brad        0    Jonathan  1
Dang       0    Jim           1

July Swiss Crosstable

Hope to see everyone next week for the start of the next tournament!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three Round Results/Round Four Pairings (REVISED)

Frank v Vincent (front) Jim v Calvin (back)

Vincent    1     Frank      0
Khoa       1     Brian       0
Duy         1     John E.    0
Jonathan  0     Herb        1
Anthony   1     Huy         0
Nam        1     Brad        0
Jim          0     Calvin       1
Lee         0      Emily       1

Brian v Khoa (front) Duy v John E. (back)

Fourth Round Pairings

Frank           Khoa (REVISED 2ND)
Anthony       Duy
Herb            Nam
Brian           Calvin
Huy             John E.
Brad            Jonathan
Dang            Jim  (REVISED)
Lee              John T.  (REVISED)
Emily--0.5 Requested Bye (REVISED)
Vincent--0.5 Requested Bye (REVISED 2ND)

Nate--0.5 Requested Bye (REVISED 2ND)

Emily v Lee

In August we will shake things up a bit. The August Swiss (4 rounds) will be played on the 4th and 11th and will consist of two rounds per night at a time control of Game/30 with a 15 second increment. EF: $2

REVISED--We will also offer a separate tourney--same as above except Game/29 time control so Quick Chess rated only. Both tourneys are wholly dependent on sufficient entries to start.

On August 18th we will hold our summer blitz.  5-double SS (play 2 games against each opponent, Black/White)Unrated game/5  EF: $1 Prizes: 50% of EFs to 1st 50% of EFs to Top Under/1500

On August 25th we will offer Game/15 with a 15 second increment Quick Quads. EF: $1

Please review your chess clock manual to insure you are able to set your clock for the increment time control. You can also search google and youtube for instructions on setting various types of digital chess clocks for increments.

If anyone is missing an umbrella please let me know. If was left in the room last night. If no one responds I will turn it into the Library lost and found next week.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Round Three Pairings (Revised)

I hope I have all requested byes correctly shown. Please contact me immediately if you are scheduled to play and won't make it this Wednesday. Note three pairings are changed by the revision.

Vincent           Frank
Khoa              Brian
Duy                John E.
Jonathan         Herb
Anthony         Huy
Nam              Brad
Jim                Calvin
Lee                Emily
1.0 Bye--Dang
Requested 0.5 Byes--Nate, John T.

I am seeing some interest being shown in the upcoming events flyer that was attached to the last email with the Saturday event (August 14th) having the most queries so far.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Round Two Results

Vince v. Duy (front) Nate v. Anthony (back)

Nate        1     Anthony     0
Vincent    1     Duy           0
Frank       1    Nam          0
Khoa        1    Jim            0
Emily        0    Jonathan    1   
Brad         1    Dang         0
John T.     0    Huy           1

Herb--1.0 bye
Calvin--0.5 requested bye

Jonathan v. Emily (front) Dang v. Brad (back)

Round Three Pairings will be posted once I receive the result of the Lee v. John E. make-up game.

Nam v. Frank

Friday, July 9, 2010

July Swiss

Seventeen players turned out for the July Swiss.

First Round Results

Jonathan    0     Nate       1
Duy           1     Emily      0
Huy           0     Frank     1
Herb         0      Khoa     1
Calvin        0     Anthony 1
Brian         1      Brad      0
John T.      0      Vincent  1
Dang         0      Nam      1

Jim, Lee --.5 byes

Round Two Pairings (Revised)

Nate          Anthony
Vincent      Duy
Frank         Nam
Khoa         Jim
J. Elder      Lee
Emily         Herb
Brad          Jonathan
J. Taylor    Huy
Dang         Calvin

Brian--.5 Bye

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Results

June Swiss crosstable

Roger v Jim with Gordon looking on

June Swiss Fourth Round

Herb     0     Duy       1
Calvin   0F   Khoa     1F
Roger   0     Jim         1
Anhvan  0    Brian      1
Frank     1    Dang      0
Collin     0    John       1
John E. --Bye

Jonathan v John E.

June 30th Quick Quads

The last meeting saw our lowest turnout ever with just one quad of four players. Hopefully everyone was just enjoying an off week.

Nate 3
Herb 2
Brian .5
Lee .5

Our July Swiss starts on July 7th at 5:45 pm. Entry fee $2 with four rounds 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th at Game\60. Let me know via email or at the club if you need a bye for any round. Anyone missing round one can still enter via email with a .5 bye for round one.

Starting in August we're going to be mixing up the events to include some one night and two night Game\30 tourneys and perhaps an occasional blitz night.