Thursday, March 17, 2011

3rd Round Results, 4th Round Pairings

Herb   1   Khoa    0
Duy    1    Frank   0
Calvin  1   Dang    0
George 1  Rohan  0
Huy--.5 bye
Collin--1.0 bye

4th Round Pairings

Calvin     Herb
Khoa      Duy
Frank     Huy
Dang      Rohan
Collin     George

Please note that the Temple Chess Club is having a match with the Waco Chess Club this Saturday the 19th. I spoke with those who attended on Wednesday as there are several spots still available if any our our members would like to play this Saturday. If you are interested please contact Forrest Marler for details--his email is in the header of this email and should be easy to identify or see the link to their website listed on the right of your screen.

On the 30th we will have a one night unrated blitz tourney 5 min with 2 sec delay or inc. Depending on turnout I'll try to do an all play all format. No entry fee.

Our April Tournament will begin April 6th--4R-SS, Game/60 with 15 sec increment preferred, one round per evening on the 6th, 13th 20th and 27th. EF: $2 (rated event--USCF membership required)

Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd Round Results, 3rd Round Pairings

Duy    0     Herb    1
Frank  .5    Khoa   .5
Huy    0      Calvin  1
Dang   1     George  0
Rohan  1    Collin    0

Calvin v. Huy

Round Three

Herb      Khoa
Duy        Frank
Rohan     Huy
Calvin     Dang
George   Collin

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Swiss 1st round results & 2nd round pairings

We're off and running with 11 players in our March Swiss. Welcome to our newest players Mike, George and the Mondeja family.

Huy v. Mike

Below are the 1st round results.

Calvin 0 Duy 1
Herb 1 Dang 0
Collin 0 Frank 1
Khoa 1 Rohan 0
Mike 0 Huy 1
George--0.5 bye

Action Central

Round Two Pairings

Duy Herb
Frank Khoa
Huy Calvin
Dang George
Rohan Collin