Thursday, April 18, 2013

March Crosstable and April Swiss Pairings and Results

Here is the CROSSTABLE for the March Swiss. Congratulations to the undefeated winner Dannie!

Dannie v. George

The April Swiss is off and running with nine players. We just completed the 3rd round last night and the final round is set for April 24th.

Pairings for April 24th.


Forrest v. Shea

Results from 3rd round

Dannie--Shannon  1-0
Shea--Roger  0-1
John--Edward  0-1
George--Herb  0-1

Roger v. Edward

Results from 2nd round

Roger--Dannie  0-1
Shea--John  1-0
Shannon--Edward  0-1

Shannon v. Edward

Results from 1st round

Dannie--George  1-0
Edward--Roger  0-1
Forrest--Shea  1-0

Our May Swiss will start on May 1st. Four rounds, Game 55 inc 10, EF: $2. Since May has five Wednesdays we will have our first tournament under the new blitz rating category on May 29th.