Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fourth Round Pairings, Third Round Results

Fourth Round Pairings

Herb            Khoa
Duy              Brian
Dang            Calvin
Vince           Huy

Third Round Results

Calvin  0      Herb   1
Khoa   1      Vince  0
Huy     .5     Dang  .5

Byes--Brian, Duy .5

The November Tournament will start on Wednesday the 3rd. We will play a three round event with games on the 3rd, 10th and 17th in order to free up the week of Thanksgiving so there will be no club meeting on the 24th.

Time Control will be game\60. The following club policy regarding clock settings for G\60 is now in effect:
Players can play their game with either the 5 second delay or 15 second increment as long as both agree. However if one player insists on the 15 second increment and can provide and set a clock with the 15 second increment that will be the control used.  Players of a single game may not use two different settings within the same game (ie one side with 5 second delay and the other side with 15 second increment).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Round Two Results, Round Three Pairings

Round Two

Herb   .5    Duy    .5
Vince   0    Brian   1
Calvin  1    Huy     0
Khoa   1    Dang   0

Round Three

Calvin        Herb
Khoa         Vince
Huy           Dang

Duy --0.5 Bye
Brian--0.5 Bye

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Swiss Underway

Crosstable of September Swiss (click here)

Jonathan had a tremendous 97 point rating gain in tying for 1st with Duy who gained 30 points.

Vincent v. Dang
 October 6th was the 1st round of the October Swiss with a turnout of 8 players. If you have not signed up and would like to play (with a 0.5 point bye in round one) please email me immediately so I can update the tenative pairings for round two.

Khoa v. Duy

Round One Results

Duy    1     Khoa    0
Huy    0     Herb     1
Brian  .5    Calvin  .5
Dang   0    Vincent  1

Not so casual chess

Round Two Pairings (tenative)

Herb        Duy
Vincent    Brian
Calvin      Huy
Khoa       Dang