Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Swiss Results

The April Swiss results are in with Herb finishing 4-0 followed at 3-0 by Duy, Khoa and Huy in a three way tie for 2nd. Special mention to Dylan who gained a whopping 84 rating points in this tournament and to Dang who moved up a rating class from D to C.


Fourth Round results

Calvin  0  Herb   1
Vince  0   Duy    1
Khoa   1  Frank  0
Huy     1  Dylan   0
Jim      0   Dang   1
Forrest 1  George 0
Anh     0   Rohan  1

Our May Swiss starts this coming Wednesday, May 4th. We may have a few new players as well as some returning regulars who took some time off. I'm hoping for a big turn-out next Wednesday. The parameters are as usual 4R-SS at a Game\60 inc 15 time control with one round per week on the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Entry fee: $2 (you must be a current US Chess Federation member to play in rated events).

Just another reminder that the Temple Open is this Saturday, April 30th. See details at the Temple Chess Club link on the right side of your screen.

May your games be interesting and your playing be blunder free!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fourth Round Pairings, Third Round Results

Frank v. Dang

Fourth ound Pairings

Calvin     Herb
Vince      Duy
Khoa      Frank
Huy        Dylan
Jim         Dang
Forrest   George
Anh        Rohan

Huy v. Calvin

Third Round Results

Herb    1    Khoa   0
Duy      1   Frank   0
Dang    0   Vince    1
Huy      .5  Calvin  .5
Anh     0    Jim       1
Dylan   1    Forrest 0
Rohan  0   George  1

Dylan v. Forrest

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round Two Results, Round Three Pairings

Jim vs. Dylan

Round Two

Duy   0    Herb   1
Frank .5  Huy   .5
Vince  0  Khoa  1
Dylan  1  Jim     0
Calvin  1  Anh  0
Forrest 1  Rohan 0
George 0  Dang 1

Huy vs. Frank

Round Three

Herb      Khoa
Huy        Calvin
Duy       Frank
Dang     Vince
Dylan     Forrest
Anh        Jim
Rohan    George

Vince vs. Khoa

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Swiss 14 players strong!

Fourteen Players are currently entered in our April Swiss!

                           Jim and Vince deep in thought

 Round One Results

Jim    0    Duy     1
Herb  1   Forrest  0
Dang  0   Frank   1
Khoa  1  Dylan    0
Rohan 0  Vince    1
Huy     1  George  0

Calvin  1.0 bye
Anh     0.5 bye

                                        George and Huy

Round Two Pairings

Duy        Herb
Frank     Huy
Vince     Khoa
Calvin    Anh
Dylan     Jim
Forrest   Rohan
George   Dang

                                     Frank and Dang

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Swiss Starts Tonight

We already have a couple of new players signed up for the tournament tonight.  We are also trending upwards ratings-wise as a club with many of our regulars showing gains of 50-150 ratings points over the last few months.

Tournament details:  4R-SS, Game/60 with 15 sec increment preferred, one round per evening on the 6th, 13th 20th and 27th. EF: $2 (rated event--USCF membership required).

April is bringing showers of chess playing opportunites with an event this Friday, April 8 hosted by ACES. The Casis school is hosting an event by Rocks and Rooks this Saturday, April 9 including an Adult Open Section.The Laredo Open is the weekend of April 16th & 17th with two GMs and an IM already preregistered to play. And the month will be capped off with the Temple Open on April 30th. I highly recommend the Temple Event based on playing in their last tournament. The facilities were great, the players and organizers were extraordinary friendly and helpful. It's important to support local events to encourage continued opportunities for playing and I would love to see as many of our members as possible play in this event on April 30th. Mark it on your calender and make your plans now!

Details are available at the Temple Chess Club website or at Austin Chess Tournaments (both links on right). To make it even easier to register, it's my understanding that Forrest Marler will be playing in the GCC Swiss this month so you might even be able to save a stamp by preregistering with him (I'll have to check with him to see if that's possible).

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Crosstable of March Swiss here