Thursday, December 9, 2010

Round Two Results, Round Three Pairings

Calvin   0.5  Thomas   0.5
Duy       1     Rohan     0
Huy       0     Herb       1
Khoa     1     Collin      0

Round One: Dang v Brian 

Round Three Pairings (12/15)

Thomas      Duy
Khoa         Brian
Herb          Calvin
Rohan        Dang
Collin         Huy

No official meetings on the 22nd and 29th. Our January Tournament will start on January 5th.

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Swiss

We have 10 players entered for our December Swiss.

Here are the first rounds results.

Brian   1   Dang  0
Calvin  1   Khoa 0
Thomas 1 Collin 0
Requested Byes--0.5--Duy, Huy, Herb and Rohan

Pairings for Round Two (December 8th)

Calvin     Thomas
Duy         Rohan
Huy         Herb
Khoa       Collin
Brian--requested bye--0.5

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Swiss Results

Dylan v. Khoa 11/3/10

Third Round Results

Duy    0.5   Brian    0.5
Khoa  0.5  Herb     0.5
Jim     0.5  Vince     0.5
Thomas 1  Huy        0
Roger   0  Calvin     1
Dang    0  Dylan      1


Brian and Duy finished tied for first with 2.5 points

Thomas v Jim

Thomas has an initial provisional rating of 1544 after 3 games. Well Done!

Remember our December Swiss starts December 1st with rounds on the 1st, 8th and 15th EF: $2 Time Control is Game\60.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Third Round Pairings, Second Round Results


Duy           Brian
Khoa         Herb
Jim            Vincent
Thomas     Huy
Roger        Calvin
Dang         Dylan

2nd round results

Vince    0    Duy    1
Herb     1    Jim     0
Khoa    0    Brian   1
Huy      1    Dylan   0
Thomas 1   Dang    0
 Roger--Bye 1.0

The Club will have no official meeting next week on the 24th. We will start our December Swiss on December 1st. The December Swiss will be three rounds on the 1st, 8th, and 15th. There will be no official meetings on the 22nd and 29th and we will start our January Swiss on the 5th of January.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Swiss First Round Results and Second Round Pairings

We have eleven players signed up for the November Tourney including two that are new to the club.

Thomas v. Jim

First Round

Duy    1  Roger   0
Dylan  0  Khoa    1
Brian   1  Huy     0
Dang   0  Vince   1
Jim      1  Thomas 0
Herb --bye 0.5

Second Round

Vince       Duy
Khoa       Brian
Herb        Jim
Huy         Dylan
Thomas   Dang
Roger--Bye 1.0

If we have any late entries or house players who want a game let me know immediately.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fourth Round Pairings, Third Round Results

Fourth Round Pairings

Herb            Khoa
Duy              Brian
Dang            Calvin
Vince           Huy

Third Round Results

Calvin  0      Herb   1
Khoa   1      Vince  0
Huy     .5     Dang  .5

Byes--Brian, Duy .5

The November Tournament will start on Wednesday the 3rd. We will play a three round event with games on the 3rd, 10th and 17th in order to free up the week of Thanksgiving so there will be no club meeting on the 24th.

Time Control will be game\60. The following club policy regarding clock settings for G\60 is now in effect:
Players can play their game with either the 5 second delay or 15 second increment as long as both agree. However if one player insists on the 15 second increment and can provide and set a clock with the 15 second increment that will be the control used.  Players of a single game may not use two different settings within the same game (ie one side with 5 second delay and the other side with 15 second increment).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Round Two Results, Round Three Pairings

Round Two

Herb   .5    Duy    .5
Vince   0    Brian   1
Calvin  1    Huy     0
Khoa   1    Dang   0

Round Three

Calvin        Herb
Khoa         Vince
Huy           Dang

Duy --0.5 Bye
Brian--0.5 Bye

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Swiss Underway

Crosstable of September Swiss (click here)

Jonathan had a tremendous 97 point rating gain in tying for 1st with Duy who gained 30 points.

Vincent v. Dang
 October 6th was the 1st round of the October Swiss with a turnout of 8 players. If you have not signed up and would like to play (with a 0.5 point bye in round one) please email me immediately so I can update the tenative pairings for round two.

Khoa v. Duy

Round One Results

Duy    1     Khoa    0
Huy    0     Herb     1
Brian  .5    Calvin  .5
Dang   0    Vincent  1

Not so casual chess

Round Two Pairings (tenative)

Herb        Duy
Vincent    Brian
Calvin      Huy
Khoa       Dang

Monday, September 20, 2010

3rd Round Results, 4th Round Pairings

Vincent        1    Duy          0
Jonathan      1    Brian        0
Frank          1    John T.     0
Khoa          1F  Kenneth    0F
Byes  Dang 1.0
         Herb  0.5
         Huy   0.5
         Lee   0.5
         Calvin 0.5

Round Four

Duy              Jonathan
Khoa            Frank
Huy              Herb
John T.         Brian
Lee              Dang
Calvin          Kenneth
Vince--Bye 0.5

I will ask once more that if you are not going to attend please let me know as soon as possible so that I can try to re-pair your scheduled opponent or at least save them a trip to the club. Also note that this is a FIVE round tournament with the final round on September 29th.

I'm open to suggestions for October--Quads, Swiss, Quick Chess, Time Controls--please let me know via email or by adding a comment to this blog (see comments section at the bottom). I'm thinking about a 45/45 Quad. This would be 45 minutes with a 45 second increment. A typical 40-60 move game could take 2.5 to 3 hours. It would be regular rated only. Also the idea of starting each meeting with a brief lesson has been requested. I would try to start the lesson by 5:15 and finish between 5:30-5:40 once most of the tournament players had arrived (I'll gauge interest in this by attendance).

Friday, September 10, 2010

2nd Round Results Third Round Pairings REVISED 9/15

Brian v. Calvin (front) Tom v. Jonathan (back)
2nd Round Results

John T.     0F     Duy         1F
Khoa        0       Jonathan 1
Huy          0       Vincent     1
Herb        1        Lee          0
Dang        0        Frank       1
Brian        1        Calvin      0

Kenneth    .5      Duy         .5

Huy v. Vincent

3rd Round Pairings

Jonathan          Duy
Vincent            Herb
Frank              Brian
Kenneth          Khoa
Lee                 John T.  (Revised)
Bye 1.0--Dang         

Requested Bye 0.5--Huy
Requested Bye 0.5--Calvin

Duy v. Kenneth

Please let me know as soon as possible if you aren't going to be able to make the round. It may allow me time to re-pair or found a house player so your opponent can still get a game that evening.

We had a couple of brand new adult players show up last Wednesday along with a returning player who is on the strong end of our club's rating scale. It would be great if the club can continue to attract and keep new players. Keep in mind that October 9th is National Chess Day. Any ideas regarding possible club activities to increase publicity or awareness are welcome.

Vince sent me this link on setting the Chronos Clock with Increment.

Chronos Increment Setting

Special Note: The USCF has announced the 2011 US Senior Open will be in Houston July 18-23rd. The 2011 Junior Open is also in Houston from July 22-24th.

US Senior Open

For those who are 50 plus as of July 18, 2011 it's a great chance to play top flight competition in a relatively small national tournament. The 2010 US Senior Open in Boca Raton, FL had 51 players with 6-8 GMs and IMs leading the way.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Swiss Round One Results and Pairings

Duy         1       Brian       0
Johnathan 1      Herb       0
Frank       0      Huy         1
Calvin       0     Khoa       1
Vincent     1     Dang        0

John T.  1.0-bye
Lee       0.5-bye

Round Two Pairings

John T.          Duy
Khoa             Johnathan
Huy               Vince
Herb              Lee
Dang              Frank
Brian              Calvin

Note: Johnathan is tenative for tonight and Brian may be a bit late. Clocks will start no later than 6:00 pm.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Swiss

On September 1st we will start our new tournament. Since we have 5 Wednesdays in the month the tourney will be 5 rounds, swiss-system, with a time control of Game\55 with a 15 second increment. Entry Fee will be $2. I would like to pair and start the round at 5:45 pm. If you plan to play and will be later than 5:40 pm please email me to let me know you're playing.

Quick recap of recent events.

Nate and Calvin won the G\5 unrated blitz tourney on August 18th. Herb (2-1) and Vince (3-0) won their respective quads in the G\20 QC tourney on August 25th.


Hope to see everyone on the 1st!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Second Saturday Quads

Top Quad in action. John (in orange) was the winner with 2.5


We had an excellent turnout for the inaugural Second Saturday Quads. Some last minute registration changes and a few late arrivals got us started about 20 minutes later then expected but we managed to finish in a somewhat timely fashion. I wasn't sure how well the space would work but it seems to have sufficed. As evidenced below the spectator space may have been a little lacking.

Spectator space was tight.

The 2nd Quad had the most exiting finish. With two players tied with 1.5 points going into the last round, the stars had to align just right for Brian to sneak through as the winner with 2.0 as both leaders were defeated.

Andrew v. Brian

The 3rd Quad saw Serena coast in with a final round draw against Dale to finish with 2.5.

Serena v. Emily

The 4th Quad saw Steve coasting to a win with 2.5 points after a first round time scramble. He also was able to secure his win with a final round draw. His post-tourney rating is 1408 so congratulations on breaking into Class "C".

Steve v. Sanjna with a time scramble ahead.

The 5th Quad saw the only perfect 3-0 score by Dang.

 William v. Sarah and Khoa v. Dale

A special welcome to Joseph who was playing in his first rated tournament.and now has his first provisional rating of 478. I'm sure it will be leaping upwards quickly in the near future.

I hope everyone enjoyed the afternoon and I'll keep everyone posted on any future events.

August Swiss


Nate clinched his tournament victory with a last round draw against Vince. Anthony cruised through the Quad with a perfect 3-0.

This Wednesday is our first ever blitz event. An unrated Game/5 double 5-SS (one white, one black against each opponent). EF: $1 with 50% to 1st and 50% to 1st Under/1500. We will try to start promptly at 5:45.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SOLD OUT for Saturday

Inaugural Second Saturday Quads this coming Saturday, August 14th. This will be held at 3008 Dawn Drive, Suite 206, Georgetown, TX 78628 Reg: 12:40-12:55 pm with rounds at 1:00--2:30--4:00 pm. EF: $20 with $50 to 1st in each quad. We currently have 20 players pre-registered and the event is SOLD OUT (see note below).

Prereg. List (Tenative Quads--I will give up my spot if someone wants to play)

1. John  2141
2. Nate 1868
3. Duy  1792
4. Madhumitha 1773

5. Jonathan 1751
6. Andrew  1732
7. Herb  1732
8. Brian  1689

9. Anthony  1693
10. Serena  1673
11. Dale   1653
12. Khoa 1486

13.William  1392
14. Sanjna  1391
15. Steve 1353
16. Sarah  1219

17. Dang  1199
18.Glen  1192
19. Collin  813
20. Joseph Unr.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Quick Swiss Results and Pairings

We're off to a fast start in August with a turn-out of 14 players--10 in the Game/29 Quick Swiss and 4 in the Game/30 Quads.

Here are the results so far.

Brian v. Calvin

Game/29 Quick Swiss

Round One

Nate     1     Khoa     0
Emily    1     Andrew  0
Brian     1    Calvin     0
Brad     1    Vince      0
Nam     1     Dang      0

Nam v. Dang

Round Two
Nam     0    Nate       1
Emily    0     Brian      1
Andrew  0   Brad       1
Vince     1   Khoa      0
Calvin     1   Dang      1

Emily v. Andrew

Round Three Pairings

Nate           Brian
Brad           Nam
Vince          Emily
Khoa          Calvin
Dang          Andrew

Game/30 Quads

Round One

Duy         1     Collin     0
Anthony  1      Huy       1

Anthony v. Huy

Round Two

Huy        0      Duy         1
Collin      0      Anthony  1

Vince v. Brad

Round Three

Duy            Anthony
Huy            Collin

Just a reminder--upcoming events include the inaugural Second Saturday Quads this coming Saturday, August 14th. These will be held at 3008 Dawn Drive, Suite 206, Georgetown, TX 78628 Reg: 12:40-12:55 pm with rounds at 1:00--2:30--4:00 pm. EF: $20 with $50 to 1st in each quad. We currently have 20 players pre-registered and the event is SOLD OUT (see note below).

Prereg. List (Tenative Quads--I will give up my spot if someone wants to play)

1. John  2141
2. Nate 1868
3. Duy  1792
4. Madhumitha  1773

5. Jonathan M. 1751
6. Herb (tenative) 1732
7. Andrew  1732
8. Sunay  1708

9. Brian  1689
10. Anthony  1693
11. Serena  1673
12. Khoa 1486

13.William  1392
14. Sanjna  1391
15. Steve 1353
16. Saavan  1333

17. Sarah  1219
18. Dang  1199
19.Glen  1192
20. Binny  1071

Please keep in mind I will try to avoid pairing siblings if possible. However, due to the prizes being offered unless there is unanimous agreement regarding such shifts Quads will be assigned in strict rating order using the August published ratings.

On August 18th we will hold our summer blitz. 5-double SS (play 2 games against each opponent, Black/White)Unrated game/5 EF: $1 Prizes: 50% of EFs to 1st 50% of EFs to Top Under/1500

On August 25th we will offer Game/15 with a 15 second increment Quick Quads. EF: $1

On Friday, August 6th, the Georgetown Library held a kids tournament (unrated) with a turnout of 21 players. The tournament was a 4-SS with a Game/15 time control.

Tournament winners Apollos (in red shirt) v. Louis (in navy shirt) in the back far corner of the picture

The winner, Apollos, with a perfect 4-0 received a one year USCF membership and Chess Tournament Combo (pieces, board, bag). There were four 3-0 scores resulting in two more rounds of Game/5 with the winner of the play-off and 2nd place finisher being Louis Capps who also received a Chess Tournament Combo (pieces, board, bag).

Pizza and soda provided by the Library

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Swiss Results

Congratulations to Khoa on winning the July Swiss with a perfect 4-0.

Fourth Round Results

Frank       0    Khoa    1
Anthony  .5    Duy       .5
Calvin      1    Nam      1
Huy         1F  John E.   0
Brad        0    Jonathan  1
Dang       0    Jim           1

July Swiss Crosstable

Hope to see everyone next week for the start of the next tournament!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three Round Results/Round Four Pairings (REVISED)

Frank v Vincent (front) Jim v Calvin (back)

Vincent    1     Frank      0
Khoa       1     Brian       0
Duy         1     John E.    0
Jonathan  0     Herb        1
Anthony   1     Huy         0
Nam        1     Brad        0
Jim          0     Calvin       1
Lee         0      Emily       1

Brian v Khoa (front) Duy v John E. (back)

Fourth Round Pairings

Frank           Khoa (REVISED 2ND)
Anthony       Duy
Herb            Nam
Brian           Calvin
Huy             John E.
Brad            Jonathan
Dang            Jim  (REVISED)
Lee              John T.  (REVISED)
Emily--0.5 Requested Bye (REVISED)
Vincent--0.5 Requested Bye (REVISED 2ND)

Nate--0.5 Requested Bye (REVISED 2ND)

Emily v Lee

In August we will shake things up a bit. The August Swiss (4 rounds) will be played on the 4th and 11th and will consist of two rounds per night at a time control of Game/30 with a 15 second increment. EF: $2

REVISED--We will also offer a separate tourney--same as above except Game/29 time control so Quick Chess rated only. Both tourneys are wholly dependent on sufficient entries to start.

On August 18th we will hold our summer blitz.  5-double SS (play 2 games against each opponent, Black/White)Unrated game/5  EF: $1 Prizes: 50% of EFs to 1st 50% of EFs to Top Under/1500

On August 25th we will offer Game/15 with a 15 second increment Quick Quads. EF: $1

Please review your chess clock manual to insure you are able to set your clock for the increment time control. You can also search google and youtube for instructions on setting various types of digital chess clocks for increments.

If anyone is missing an umbrella please let me know. If was left in the room last night. If no one responds I will turn it into the Library lost and found next week.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Round Three Pairings (Revised)

I hope I have all requested byes correctly shown. Please contact me immediately if you are scheduled to play and won't make it this Wednesday. Note three pairings are changed by the revision.

Vincent           Frank
Khoa              Brian
Duy                John E.
Jonathan         Herb
Anthony         Huy
Nam              Brad
Jim                Calvin
Lee                Emily
1.0 Bye--Dang
Requested 0.5 Byes--Nate, John T.

I am seeing some interest being shown in the upcoming events flyer that was attached to the last email with the Saturday event (August 14th) having the most queries so far.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Round Two Results

Vince v. Duy (front) Nate v. Anthony (back)

Nate        1     Anthony     0
Vincent    1     Duy           0
Frank       1    Nam          0
Khoa        1    Jim            0
Emily        0    Jonathan    1   
Brad         1    Dang         0
John T.     0    Huy           1

Herb--1.0 bye
Calvin--0.5 requested bye

Jonathan v. Emily (front) Dang v. Brad (back)

Round Three Pairings will be posted once I receive the result of the Lee v. John E. make-up game.

Nam v. Frank

Friday, July 9, 2010

July Swiss

Seventeen players turned out for the July Swiss.

First Round Results

Jonathan    0     Nate       1
Duy           1     Emily      0
Huy           0     Frank     1
Herb         0      Khoa     1
Calvin        0     Anthony 1
Brian         1      Brad      0
John T.      0      Vincent  1
Dang         0      Nam      1

Jim, Lee --.5 byes

Round Two Pairings (Revised)

Nate          Anthony
Vincent      Duy
Frank         Nam
Khoa         Jim
J. Elder      Lee
Emily         Herb
Brad          Jonathan
J. Taylor    Huy
Dang         Calvin

Brian--.5 Bye

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Results

June Swiss crosstable

Roger v Jim with Gordon looking on

June Swiss Fourth Round

Herb     0     Duy       1
Calvin   0F   Khoa     1F
Roger   0     Jim         1
Anhvan  0    Brian      1
Frank     1    Dang      0
Collin     0    John       1
John E. --Bye

Jonathan v John E.

June 30th Quick Quads

The last meeting saw our lowest turnout ever with just one quad of four players. Hopefully everyone was just enjoying an off week.

Nate 3
Herb 2
Brian .5
Lee .5

Our July Swiss starts on July 7th at 5:45 pm. Entry fee $2 with four rounds 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th at Game\60. Let me know via email or at the club if you need a bye for any round. Anyone missing round one can still enter via email with a .5 bye for round one.

Starting in August we're going to be mixing up the events to include some one night and two night Game\30 tourneys and perhaps an occasional blitz night.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Round Four Pairings

Herb          Duy
Calvin        Khoa
Roger        Jim
Anhvan      Brian
Frank         Dang
Collin         John T.
John E. -- bye

Roger v.Anhvan

Round Three Results

Khoa      0     Herb     1
Jim          1    Brian     0
Dang       0    Calvin    1
Roger     .5    Anhvan  .5
Frank      1    Collin     0
John T.    1    John E.   0
Requested bye -- Duy  .5

John T. v. John E.

The meeting on June 30th is scheduled for Game/15 Quick Quads by rating--a one night event. I have recently had a request for a blitz night and a Game/30 night (if we did Game/30 quads or 3SS it would mean staying till about 9 pm). Another possibility is to try to lure a titled player to the club for a simul. If you have any suggestions or requests for scheduling for the third quarter please post a comment or email me so it can be discussed on-line (in comments) or at our next meeting.

Brad v. Torey playing skittles

A hard fought draw!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Round Three Pairings

Round Three Pairings

Khoa                  Herb
Jim                      Brian
Dang                   Calvin
Roger                  Anhvan
Frank                  Collin
John T.                John E.
Duy -- .5 requested bye

Jim v. Herb

Round Two Results

Herb     1       Jim    0
Calvin    0      Duy    1
Khoa     1      Roger  0
Brian      1      Frank   0
Dang      1      John T.  0
John E.   0     Anhvan   1
Collin -- bye

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Swiss Results and Pairings

Round One

Frank (1740)    0     Roger    (1216)    1
John T. (1076)  0     Herb   (1727)      1
Duy (1725)       1     John E. (990)     0
Collin (894)      0      Khoa (1476)       1
Jim (1440)        1     Dang  (975)         0
Anhvan (unr)     0     Calvin (1348)      1

Round Two Pairings

Herb             Jim
Calvin           Duy
Khoa            Roger
Brian           Frank
Dang           John T.
John E.         Anhvan
Collin-1.0 Bye

I did hear from several of our regulars via email who will be missing the June tournament due to vacations, family, work and various other summertime activities that  our part of our lives. Please keep in mind that June 30th is a one meeting Game\15 event and house games are always a possibility each week (especially with an odd number of players).  Any late entries can still get a .5 bye. Anyone needing a bye in rounds 2, 3,or 4 let me know as soon as possible.

I just wanted to sent out congratulations to Duy who raised his rating 65 points at the Texas State Championship with excellent results against a couple of strong Class "A" players. You can see one of his wins with notes by clicking on the "Getting to 2000" link on the right side of the screen.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Round Four Pairings, Round Three Results

Nam and Tournament Leader Vincent (in red) battle it out!

White                        Black
Jim (2.5, 1450)         Vince (3.0, 1572)
Nate (2.0, 1855)       Anthony (2.0, 1577)
Emily (2.0, 1480)      Herb (1.5, 1754)
Calvin (2.0, 1387)     Khoa (1.5, 1469)
Jonathan (1.5, 1552) Kartik (1.5, 1328)
Duy (1.0, 1651)        Brian (1.0,1732)
John T. (1.0, 1117)   Nam (1.0, 1637)
Collin (0.5, 922)        Dang (1.0, 1036)

Kartik and Jim analzye their result with help from Torey


Calvin .5          Anthony .5
Kartik 0           Jim   1
Khoa   .5         Jonathan  .5
Dang    0          Emily    1
Brian    1          Collin    0
Vince    1         Nam     0
Herb    0          Nate     1

House Game

Huy  .5     Frank   .5

Calvin and Anthony fight to the Draw!

Please note Wednesday the 26th is our fourth and final round for the May Swiss. The June Swiss starts on June 2nd.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Round Three Pairings and Round Two Results

Round Three

Herb (1.5, 1754)      Vincent  (2.0, 1572)
Calvin (1.5, 1387)     Anthony (1.5, 1577)
Kartik (1.5, 1328)     Jim  (1.5, 1450)
Nate (1.0, 1855)       Khoa (1.0, 1469)
Roger (1.0, 1212)     Nam (1.0, 1637)
John T. (1.0, 1117)   Jonathan (1.0, 1552)
Dang (1.0, 1036)      Emily (1.0, 1480)
Brian (0.0, 1732)      Collin (0.5, 922)
Bye--Duy (0.0, 1651)

Round Two Results

Emily    0     Calvin     1
Anthony 1    Dang      0
Khoa    0     Vince     1
Collin    0     Kartik    1
Nam      1    Brian      0
Duy       0    Jonathan  1
John T.--Bye  1.0
Jim--Requested Bye 0.5
Herb--Requested Bye 0.5
Nate--Requested Bye 0.5
Roger--Requested Bye 0.5

If you are not planning to attend this Wednesday the 19th and are paired for the round please let me know as soon as possible.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Swiss Round Two Pairings

 Brian v.Emily

Round Two

Herb                    Emily
Khoa                   Vince
Anthony               Dang
Roger                   Calvin
Collin                   Kartik
Nam                     Brian
Duy                      Jonathan

John T.   Bye
Jim         Requested bye

Action Aplenty from the May Swiss

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Swiss Results


Round Four Results

Frank      1       Jonathan    0
Vince      0       Duy           1
Nam       .5      Huy           .5
Anthony  .5      Khoa        .5
Kartik     .5      Herb         .5
Emily       1       Jim            0
Lee          0      Brad          1
Calvin      .5     Collin         .5

Congratulations to Frank on winning the April Swiss!

Nam v Huy (front) Frank v Jonathan (rear)

Don't forget our May Swiss starts May 5th.

Vince v Duy (front) Wandering Emily v Jim (rear)

Don't forget. It's not too late to register for this Saturday's event at the Laurel Mountain Elementary school. The open is section is adults only. See the "Austin Chess Tournaments" link to the right for details.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Round Three Results & Round Four Pairings

Round Three Results (4/21)

Jonathan    1      Nam         0
Jim            0       Frank       1
Duy          .5       Anthony   .5
Roger       0        Vince       1
Herb         .5       Emily       .5
Huy          1        Calvin      0
Kenneth    0F     Khoa       1F
Kartik       1        Lee          0
Dang         0        Brad        1
John          0        Collin       1

Club Members in Action!

Round Four Pairings (4/28)

Frank (1716, 2.5)      Jonathan  (1561, 3.0)
Vince (1590, 2.0)      Duy (1629, 2.0)
Nam (1594, 2.0)       Huy (1461, 2.0)
Anthony (1552, 2.0)  Khoa (1450, 2.0)
Kartik (1231, 2.0)     Herb (1714, 1.5)
Emily (1387, 1.5)      Jim (1475, 1.5)
Roger (1221, 1.5)     Brad (1273, 1.0)
Calvin (1407, 1.0)     Collin (946, 1.0)
Lee (1090, 0.5)         John (1133, 0.0)

Dang                         Bye

Our May Swiss will start on May 5th. If you would like to play but need a first round bye, please let me know in advance if possible.

Please note that Austin Kids (Nam Nguyen--TD) is running a Tournament this Saturday, April 24th. See the links on the right of the screen for details.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Draw Central!

Three of the top five boards drew their games this week. Like the rare triple play in baseball, one game ended with a bishop and knight versus lone king ending with the possessor of the two minor pieces unable to convert  the win.

Round Two Results

Frank     .5    Anthony  .5
Jim         .5    Duy         .5
Nam       1     Kartik      0
Jonathan  1F  Kenneth   0F
Calvin     .5    Herb        .5
Lee         0     Huy          1
Dang       0     Vince        1
Brad        0     Khoa        1
Emily       1     John T.      0
Collin       0     Roger        1

Round Three Pairings

Jonathan  2.0       Nam  2.0
Jim          1.5       Frank 1.5
Duy         1.5       Anthony 1.5
Roger      1.5       Vince   1.0
Herb        1.0       Emily   1.0
Huy          1.0       Calvin  1.0
Kenneth    1.0       Khoa   1.0
Kartik       1.0       Lee      0.5
Dang         0.0      Brad     0.0
John          0.0      Collin    0.0

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Swiss Up and Going with 19 Players!

We have an excellent turnout for our April Swiss and things ran fairly smoothly. Pairing and results for the first round are as follows:

Khoa 1450    0     Frank  1716    1
Duy   1629    1     Emily  1387     0
Brad  1273    0     Nam  1594      1
Vince  1590   0     Kartik 1231    0
John T. 1133  0    Jonathan 1561 1
Anthony 1552 1   Dang  1078      0
Collin  946      0   Jim  1475         1
Huy  1461       0   Kenneth  unr    1
0.5 point byes--Herb, Calvin, Lee

Huy v. Kenneth

Time pressure affected the above game with Huy up material but down on time. With less than a minute on his clock Huy traded Queen and pawn for Rook and Bishop and then had to part with his remaining  rook to prevent Kenneth from Queening. The resulting Rook v. Pawns ending was quickly resolved in Kenneth's favor.

Jim v. Collin (left) Vince v. Kartik (right)

The biggest upset of the first round was earned by Kartik who overcame a 359 point rating gap to defeat Vincent in their game. After a trade of Queens leaving Vince with a Bishop and three pawns v. three pawns on opposite sides of the board. Vince attempted to run his pawns home only to find his pawns blocked by the black king, meanwhile black's advancing pawns trapped the bishop with White's King too far away to help.

Brad v Nam

Pairings for Round Two

Frank                     Anthony
Jim                         Duy
Nam                      Kartik
Jonathan                Kenneth
Calvin                    Herb
Lee                        Huy
Dang                     Vince
Brad                      Khoa
Emily                      John T.
Collin--1.0 point Bye

Jonathan v John

March Quick Quads

We had a good turnout of 12 players for our March Quick Quads. Crosstable

                                        Jonathan v Huy

Kenneth v Jim

Quads winners were Herb, Duy and Kenneth. Congratulations!

March Swiss Results