Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Chess Quads, August Wrap Up

The chess action was up tempo this week with two QC (Game/15) quads wrapping up our August chess calendar. Anthony and Patrick tied for 1st with 2 points each while Herb managed a 3-0 score in his quad. Lee and Emily played an exciting game ending with time running down in a perpetual check draw. Nam and Herb entered the their third round game tied with 2-0 scores. Nam's opening d4 lead to Herb's favored Dutch Stonewall and Black's kingside attack dwindled down to a winning exchange up endgame.

Brad and John exchange a game ending good sportsmanlike handshake 

 Patrick v. Anthony and Lee v. Emily

Nam looks on as Anthony contemplates his next move. 
Sally and Kaitlyn played a few games and welcomed our new and returning visiting players. This is the 2nd week in a row we've had mother/son guests visiting the club.
Frank and Dale played a Game/60 match while Scott played his make-up game from the August Quads with John E. 
Remember, our September Tourney  starts next Tuesday the 1st. It's a 4-SS (four round swiss system) with a Game/60 time control. EF: $1 
We missed Jim at the meeting and hope he's feeling better and recovering nicely.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Quad Results

Frank and Jim are ready to go!

Herb and Dale study their opening moves

Sally and Emily--the first move is the toughest one

Brad and Nam concentrate on the endgame while Gordon, Frank and Emily look on

John E. and Lee--hats off means serious business

Patrick and John T.--as in trouble with a capital T.

Congratulations to our August Quad winners--Frank Lacava, Herb Baumann, Patrick Clot and co-winners Duy Nguyen and Jim Mann. This is the 2nd month in a row we've managed to fill out four Quads for our monthly tournament.

Next week will be our "anything goes" last Tuesday. Suggestions so far include 3 round Game/15 Quick Chess Quads, Game/60 match play and 4 player sections game/30 2 round swiss. Entry fee $1. I will try to accomodate all these suggestions as interest dictates.

On September 1st we will start a 4 round, game/60 swiss system tournament with one round each week (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd). Entry Fee $1 no prizes.