Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Chess Quads, August Wrap Up

The chess action was up tempo this week with two QC (Game/15) quads wrapping up our August chess calendar. Anthony and Patrick tied for 1st with 2 points each while Herb managed a 3-0 score in his quad. Lee and Emily played an exciting game ending with time running down in a perpetual check draw. Nam and Herb entered the their third round game tied with 2-0 scores. Nam's opening d4 lead to Herb's favored Dutch Stonewall and Black's kingside attack dwindled down to a winning exchange up endgame.

Brad and John exchange a game ending good sportsmanlike handshake 

 Patrick v. Anthony and Lee v. Emily

Nam looks on as Anthony contemplates his next move. 
Sally and Kaitlyn played a few games and welcomed our new and returning visiting players. This is the 2nd week in a row we've had mother/son guests visiting the club.
Frank and Dale played a Game/60 match while Scott played his make-up game from the August Quads with John E. 
Remember, our September Tourney  starts next Tuesday the 1st. It's a 4-SS (four round swiss system) with a Game/60 time control. EF: $1 
We missed Jim at the meeting and hope he's feeling better and recovering nicely.

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