Sunday, November 29, 2009

Farewell Wishes and Bon Fortune Patrick!

As many of you have already heard, shortly after our last meeting Patrick accepted an employment opportunity out of state beginning prior to our next meeting. Join me in wishing all the best for Patrick in his new adventure. We will miss the camaraderie in conversation and spirited competition  in games he infused in our meetings.

  Patrick (left) v. Dang during his farewell performance

Congratulations to our November Quad winners--Clear 1st-Anthony Nguyen, Huy Nguyen Co-winners Frank Lacava, Duy Nguyen and Patrick Clot, Jonathan Manion and Khoa Nguyen.

Third Round Results

Frank     1   Nam      0

Dang       0   Patrick   1
Jonathan  1   Khoa     0

Brian       0   Anthony  1
Steve      1    Brad       0

Lee         0    Huy         1
Sarah      1    Emily       0

Performances of note:

Huy gained 145 points and moved up to Class D.
Anthony gained 59 points and moved up to Class B.

Khoa gained 36 points and moved up to Class C.

Action Central

December Quads will start this Wednesday. I would like to get as many players to pre-register as possible as I will have to miss the meeting and would like to post the pairings in advance. Entry fees will be collected on 12/9.

Players registered so far:

Brian          (will miss 12/2)
Herb          (will miss 12/2)  I will place Herb & Brian in same Quad-1st round pairing to be made up later.
John E.       (may arrive late on 12/2--clocks start at 5:45 pm)

 Match Play between John E. and Duy

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