Thursday, June 17, 2010

Round Four Pairings

Herb          Duy
Calvin        Khoa
Roger        Jim
Anhvan      Brian
Frank         Dang
Collin         John T.
John E. -- bye

Roger v.Anhvan

Round Three Results

Khoa      0     Herb     1
Jim          1    Brian     0
Dang       0    Calvin    1
Roger     .5    Anhvan  .5
Frank      1    Collin     0
John T.    1    John E.   0
Requested bye -- Duy  .5

John T. v. John E.

The meeting on June 30th is scheduled for Game/15 Quick Quads by rating--a one night event. I have recently had a request for a blitz night and a Game/30 night (if we did Game/30 quads or 3SS it would mean staying till about 9 pm). Another possibility is to try to lure a titled player to the club for a simul. If you have any suggestions or requests for scheduling for the third quarter please post a comment or email me so it can be discussed on-line (in comments) or at our next meeting.

Brad v. Torey playing skittles

A hard fought draw!

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