Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Swiss Underway

Crosstable of September Swiss (click here)

Jonathan had a tremendous 97 point rating gain in tying for 1st with Duy who gained 30 points.

Vincent v. Dang
 October 6th was the 1st round of the October Swiss with a turnout of 8 players. If you have not signed up and would like to play (with a 0.5 point bye in round one) please email me immediately so I can update the tenative pairings for round two.

Khoa v. Duy

Round One Results

Duy    1     Khoa    0
Huy    0     Herb     1
Brian  .5    Calvin  .5
Dang   0    Vincent  1

Not so casual chess

Round Two Pairings (tenative)

Herb        Duy
Vincent    Brian
Calvin      Huy
Khoa       Dang

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