Thursday, February 23, 2012

4th Round Results, 5th Round Pairings

4th Round results

Rod-Khoa   1-0
Dean-Huy    1-0
Herb-Vince  0-1
Roger-Don   1-0
George-Rohan  0-1
Anh-Rithik    0-1
John-Dang   0-1

Don v. Roger (Rod, Khoa & Vince in background)
5th Round Pairings


John-1.0 Bye
Roger-0.5 Bye

Front: Huy v. Dean    Back:  Rohan v. George  Right Rear: John v. Dang
Just a reminder, there is a Mathews Tournament this Saturday the 25th. See the Austin Chess Tournaments link to the right for details. Also the Austin Chess Club is starting their March tournament this Sunday evening the 26th. See the Austin Chess Club link to the right for details. Next Austin Kids tournament is March 10th. See Austin Kids link to the right for more details.

We will start our March Tournament on March 7th. It will be a 4 round swiss with a time control of Game\55 increment 10 seconds with one round per week on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. Entry fee is $2.

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