Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Swiss 4th Round Results and Final Crosstable

Five Way Tie for First Place

Dannie, Dang and Herb

I believe this is the largest number of players we've ever had tie for 1st place. The winners of the March 2012 Swiss are Dannie, Dang, Huy, Calvin and Herb.

Vince v. Calvin with Huy in background

The crosstable for the event is Here.

Fourth Round Results

Dannie-Herb  .5-.5
Dang-Dean .5-.5
Roger-Huy 0-1
Calvin-Vince 1-0
Anh-Forrest  0-1
Rithik-George 0-1
John-Rohan  0-1

Dean v. Dang

We have 13 players pre-registered for the April Swiss. Forrest will take on-site entries and pair the first round on April 4th.

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