Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Swiss

Roger v. Jake

The Georgetown Chess Club's August Swiss is concluding today with the fourth round pairings as listed below:

Byes--Anh, Dang 0.5

Forrest v. Anh

Previous rounds results below:

First Round

Anh--Herb  0-1
Dang--Jake  0-1
Doug--Roger  0-1
Calvin-John  1-0
Shea-Forrest  0-1

Second Round

Herb--Roger  0-1
Jake--Shea   1-0
Forrest--Dang 0.5-0.5
John--Anh  0-1

Third Round

Roger--Jake  1-0
Dang--Herb  0.5-0.5
Anh--Forrest  0.5-0.5
Shea--John  0.5-0.5

John v. Shea
Our September Tournament will start September 5th with one round per night on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. Entry fee is $2. Time control Game/55 inc 10. USCF membership req.

Next week the 29th will be an open week. Casual games or 5 minute blitz tournament depending on turnout.

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