Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Swiss

We have an excellent turnout for our September Swiss with 16 players including our newest USCF member and first time tournament player Carl Bamsch. It my understanding that Jim Mann is recovering nicely and will be back in the thick of things shortly.

There were no upsets in the 1st round but Dale and Emily went the distance in a bishops of opposite color endgame with Dale squeaking out the win. Looks like some very interesting matchups next week!

Results of 1st round and next week's pairings

Frank 1    John T. 0
John E. 0  Vincent 1
Dale 1     Emily 0
Scott 0    Patrick 1
Nam 1      Lee 0
Sally 0    Anthony 1
Brad 1     Carl 0

1/2 point byes--Herb, Jim

Round 2 Sept 8th

White    Black

Patrick  Frank
Vincent  Nam
Anthony  Dale
Herb     Brad
John T.  Jim
Lee      John E.
Carl     Scott
Emily    Sally

I used the demo version of Win TD (chess pairings software) for the first two rounds. I'm happy with what I've seen so far and will be upgrading to the full version shortly.

Since I didn't take any pictures at the meeting this week I'm throwing in a random shot of my "chess corner" at the office.

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