Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our new meeting room

September Swiss Results

Congratulations to Nam for his clear 1st with a perfect 4-0!

Nam 4.0
Anthony 3.5
Patrick 3.0
Brad 2.0 (one game left)
Frank 2.0
John E. 2.0
Vince 2.0
Emily 2.0
Lee 2.0
Dale 1.5 (one game left)
John T. 1.0
Scott 1.0
Sally 1.0
Carl 0.0

Round 4 Results

Brad 0 Nam 1
Anthony 1 Vince 0
Dale 0 Patrick 1
Emily 0 Frank 1
John T. 0 John E. 1
Lee 1 Scott 0

Friends Room

September 29th meeting

Member’s choice night—I will direct as per demand—Quads G/15, 4 player sections of G/30 Swiss (2 rounds), match play G/60 or blitz. To be determined based on demand.

Friends Room Balcony

No meeting next week due to the Library being closed the week of October 5-9th. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 14th in the Friends room of the Library. We will begin our October Quads tournament on the 14th. One round per night Oct. 14, 21, 28 with a G/60 time control with 5 second delay.

Chess al fresco (if desired)

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