Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Quad Results

The October Quad results are in. The winners are Herb Baumann (3-0), Jonathan Manion (3-0), Khoa Nguyen (2.5-.5), Emily Nguyen (2.5-.5), and Huy Nguyen (2.5-.5).

Biggest ratings points gainers were Jonathan Manion up 87 points followed by his dad Steve Manion up 86 points. Well Done! Emily Nguyen gained 52 points followed by her father Nam Nguyen who added 42 points and moved up a class from "C" to "B". Herb Baumann improved 35 points and moved up a class from "B" to "A".

Action aplenty in the meat locker atmosphere of the friends room. Temps had to be in the 60s!

The new room is working out as far as space goes but the frigid temps last night were unbearable for some. Just a reminder to bring a jacket to the next meeting as we'll never know what to expect next as the kinks are worked out on the new meeting room and night.

Emily looks like she's all business at the board while Sarah and Dang compete in the background.

The upcoming schedule for the Georgetown Chess Club is as follows:

November 4, 11, 18--November Quads 3-RR, Game/60 EF $1

No official meeting November 25th (day before Thanksgiving)

December 2, 9, 16--December Quads 3-RR, Game/60 EF $1

No Official meetings December 23rd or 30th due to holiday season

January 6, 13, 20, 27--January Swiss 4-SS Game/60 EF $2

Special Note: The USCF in increasing dues from $29 to $34 soon (see Chess Life for details). If you want to renew for 2010 at the lower rate now is the time.

Also note: There is a ChessTournament hosted by two of our members (Nam Nguyen & Jenwei Hsieh) this Saturday the 31st and next Saturday the 7th at the Northwest Family YMCA at 5807 McNeil Drive in Austin (4-SS, 1-5 pm 2 rounds each day, USCF rated, Game/60  EF $5). Please contact Nam Nguyen for details or cell 512-786-9242..

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