Friday, October 16, 2009

Record Turn-out for October Quads

We had a record 21 members on our first Wedneday night meeting. So far the switch is going well.

Results from Round One (please advise if you spot an incorrect result)

Herb     1    Nam      0
Frank    0    Patrick  1

Anthony 1/2  Jim    1/2
Jonathon 1    Duy     0

Khoa      1    Steve   0
Roger     1    Lee      0

Emily      1    Brad    0
John E.         David        (unplayed)

Sarah     0    Huy     1
Dang      0   John T. 1

Round Two Pairings (October 21st)

Patrick        Herb
Nam           Frank

Duy            Anthony
Jim             Jonathon

Lee            Khoa
Steve         Roger

David        Emily
Brad         John E.

John T.      Sarah
Huy           Dang

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday!

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