Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Swiss Results

Huy v. Emily in background. Anthony v. Brian in foreground.

Fourth Round Results

Khoa    1       Duy        0
Brian    0       Anthony  1
Emily    1       Huy        0
Dang    0       John T.   1
Carl      0      Lee         1

Nam     1F    Jim          0F
Roger   1F    Brad        0F

House Match

Nam    1       Roger      0

See January Swiss Cross-table here

Congratulations to Tournament Winner Khoa who gained a whopping 194 points jumping a class from "D" to "C" and reaching a rating of 1514.
John T. v. Dang in background. Khoa v. Duy in foreground

Our February Swiss (4  rounds/weeks) starts this Wednesday the 3rd with registration beginning at 5:30 pm till 5:40 with clocks starting at 5:45 pm. One round per week at game/60. Entry Fee $2. If you're planning to play and need a 1st round bye or will be arriving late please confirm your entry by email or phone (512) 743-8908.
Lee v. Carl   The dreaded Trompowsky with a4!

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