Thursday, February 4, 2010

Huge Turn-out for February Swiss!

We had a large turn-out yesterday for the start of our February Swiss including three first time GCC Players--John, Kartik and Calvin. We also witnessed the triumphant return of Vincent who everyone was happy to have back with us.

For any who missed the first round, you can still join with a .5 point bye for round one. Please let me know as soon as possible by phone or email if you will be joining the tournament.

First Round Results

John B.        1            Calvin     0
Khoa           0            Herb       1
Brian           1             Emily      0
Roger          0             Frank     1
Duy             1             Brad       0
Kartik         1/2           Anthony  1/2
Vincent        1             John T.   0
Dang            0             Nam       1
Huy              1             Carl        0

Jim--.5 bye

Second Round Pairings (tenative only)

Duy                     John B.
Herb                    Vincent
Nam                     Brian
Frank                   Huy
Anthony               Jim
Calvin                  Kartik
Brad                    Khoa
Emily                   Dang
Carl                     Roger

Bye--1 point  John T.

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