Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Swiss-First Round Results

Roger and Duy

We had a great first night turnout of 19 tournament entrants and 3 casual players. With two-three players who are projecting to enter next week after taking first byes we should be in the low 20s for the March Swiss. I will wait until next Wednesday to pair round two so that anybody wishing to enter can still get in with a 0.5 bye for round one.

Lee and Huy
Round One Results

Emily    0     Frank    1
Brian     1    Jim        0
Calvin    0    Anthony  1
Duy       1    Roger      0
Kartik    1    Vince      0
Huy        1    Lee        0
J. Taylor  0    Nam      1
J. Tuck    1    Dang      0
Collin      0    Khoa     1

Dang and John 
We also had two new members enter the tournament this month--John (above) and Collin.The game of the night was the match between Emily and Frank. It was the last game to finish and drew quite a crowd as the contestants battled on in time pressure.Good luck to all of our players this month.

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