Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bad Day at Black Rock

The third week of the March Swiss saw the wheels come off the track a bit on the TD's end. I did receive notice well in advance that several players had requested byes for the week of spring break and managed to forget by the time I went to make the pairings. Then in re-pairing "on the fly" without computer assistance or even a set of pairing cards ran into some additional snafus. All  said, we are still on track for a successful fourth and final round without this greatly affecting prize distribution (since there are no prizes). Hopefully, everyone enjoyed their games.

2nd round results

Frank    1      Huy    0
Khoa     0     Brian   1
Anthony 1     J. Tuck 0
Nam      0      Duy      1
Herb      1      Kartik   0
Vincent  1     J. Taylor 0
Lee        0      Emily      1
Jim         0      Collin    1
Dang      0      Calvin    1
Roger    1      Carl       0

Lee v. Emily  (Front)  John T. v. Vince  (back)

3rd Round results

Frank    0     Herb     1
Emily    .5     Vincent  .5
J. Tuck   1    Roger    0
Kartik     0   Jim         1
Carl        0    Lee       1

House rated games

Calvin   0     Anthony   1
Brad     1     Collin       0

Anthony, Calvin and Collin all receive 1.0 point byes for March Swiss Scoring purposes.

Anthony v Jonathan (Front) Huy v. Frank (Back)

4th Round Pairings (March 24th)

Herb (2.5)                        Anthony (3.0)
Duy   (2.5)                       Frank   (2.5)
Nam  (2.0)                       Calvin   (2.0)
Collin  (2.0)                      J. Tuck  (2.0)
Vincent (1.5)                    Khoa     (1.5)
Huy       (1.5)                   Emily      (1.5)
Jim        (1.0)                   Roger     (1.0)
Lee       (1.0)                   Kartik     (1.0)
Dang     (0.5)                  Carl         (0.5)

The meeting of March 31st will be Game/15 Quick Quads by rating. Free entry to those who played in the March Swiss, others $1.

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