Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Swiss Up and Going with 19 Players!

We have an excellent turnout for our April Swiss and things ran fairly smoothly. Pairing and results for the first round are as follows:

Khoa 1450    0     Frank  1716    1
Duy   1629    1     Emily  1387     0
Brad  1273    0     Nam  1594      1
Vince  1590   0     Kartik 1231    0
John T. 1133  0    Jonathan 1561 1
Anthony 1552 1   Dang  1078      0
Collin  946      0   Jim  1475         1
Huy  1461       0   Kenneth  unr    1
0.5 point byes--Herb, Calvin, Lee

Huy v. Kenneth

Time pressure affected the above game with Huy up material but down on time. With less than a minute on his clock Huy traded Queen and pawn for Rook and Bishop and then had to part with his remaining  rook to prevent Kenneth from Queening. The resulting Rook v. Pawns ending was quickly resolved in Kenneth's favor.

Jim v. Collin (left) Vince v. Kartik (right)

The biggest upset of the first round was earned by Kartik who overcame a 359 point rating gap to defeat Vincent in their game. After a trade of Queens leaving Vince with a Bishop and three pawns v. three pawns on opposite sides of the board. Vince attempted to run his pawns home only to find his pawns blocked by the black king, meanwhile black's advancing pawns trapped the bishop with White's King too far away to help.

Brad v Nam

Pairings for Round Two

Frank                     Anthony
Jim                         Duy
Nam                      Kartik
Jonathan                Kenneth
Calvin                    Herb
Lee                        Huy
Dang                     Vince
Brad                      Khoa
Emily                      John T.
Collin--1.0 point Bye

Jonathan v John

March Quick Quads

We had a good turnout of 12 players for our March Quick Quads. Crosstable

                                        Jonathan v Huy

Kenneth v Jim

Quads winners were Herb, Duy and Kenneth. Congratulations!

March Swiss Results

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