Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Quick Swiss Results and Pairings

We're off to a fast start in August with a turn-out of 14 players--10 in the Game/29 Quick Swiss and 4 in the Game/30 Quads.

Here are the results so far.

Brian v. Calvin

Game/29 Quick Swiss

Round One

Nate     1     Khoa     0
Emily    1     Andrew  0
Brian     1    Calvin     0
Brad     1    Vince      0
Nam     1     Dang      0

Nam v. Dang

Round Two
Nam     0    Nate       1
Emily    0     Brian      1
Andrew  0   Brad       1
Vince     1   Khoa      0
Calvin     1   Dang      1

Emily v. Andrew

Round Three Pairings

Nate           Brian
Brad           Nam
Vince          Emily
Khoa          Calvin
Dang          Andrew

Game/30 Quads

Round One

Duy         1     Collin     0
Anthony  1      Huy       1

Anthony v. Huy

Round Two

Huy        0      Duy         1
Collin      0      Anthony  1

Vince v. Brad

Round Three

Duy            Anthony
Huy            Collin

Just a reminder--upcoming events include the inaugural Second Saturday Quads this coming Saturday, August 14th. These will be held at 3008 Dawn Drive, Suite 206, Georgetown, TX 78628 Reg: 12:40-12:55 pm with rounds at 1:00--2:30--4:00 pm. EF: $20 with $50 to 1st in each quad. We currently have 20 players pre-registered and the event is SOLD OUT (see note below).

Prereg. List (Tenative Quads--I will give up my spot if someone wants to play)

1. John  2141
2. Nate 1868
3. Duy  1792
4. Madhumitha  1773

5. Jonathan M. 1751
6. Herb (tenative) 1732
7. Andrew  1732
8. Sunay  1708

9. Brian  1689
10. Anthony  1693
11. Serena  1673
12. Khoa 1486

13.William  1392
14. Sanjna  1391
15. Steve 1353
16. Saavan  1333

17. Sarah  1219
18. Dang  1199
19.Glen  1192
20. Binny  1071

Please keep in mind I will try to avoid pairing siblings if possible. However, due to the prizes being offered unless there is unanimous agreement regarding such shifts Quads will be assigned in strict rating order using the August published ratings.

On August 18th we will hold our summer blitz. 5-double SS (play 2 games against each opponent, Black/White)Unrated game/5 EF: $1 Prizes: 50% of EFs to 1st 50% of EFs to Top Under/1500

On August 25th we will offer Game/15 with a 15 second increment Quick Quads. EF: $1

On Friday, August 6th, the Georgetown Library held a kids tournament (unrated) with a turnout of 21 players. The tournament was a 4-SS with a Game/15 time control.

Tournament winners Apollos (in red shirt) v. Louis (in navy shirt) in the back far corner of the picture

The winner, Apollos, with a perfect 4-0 received a one year USCF membership and Chess Tournament Combo (pieces, board, bag). There were four 3-0 scores resulting in two more rounds of Game/5 with the winner of the play-off and 2nd place finisher being Louis Capps who also received a Chess Tournament Combo (pieces, board, bag).

Pizza and soda provided by the Library

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