Sunday, August 15, 2010

Second Saturday Quads

Top Quad in action. John (in orange) was the winner with 2.5


We had an excellent turnout for the inaugural Second Saturday Quads. Some last minute registration changes and a few late arrivals got us started about 20 minutes later then expected but we managed to finish in a somewhat timely fashion. I wasn't sure how well the space would work but it seems to have sufficed. As evidenced below the spectator space may have been a little lacking.

Spectator space was tight.

The 2nd Quad had the most exiting finish. With two players tied with 1.5 points going into the last round, the stars had to align just right for Brian to sneak through as the winner with 2.0 as both leaders were defeated.

Andrew v. Brian

The 3rd Quad saw Serena coast in with a final round draw against Dale to finish with 2.5.

Serena v. Emily

The 4th Quad saw Steve coasting to a win with 2.5 points after a first round time scramble. He also was able to secure his win with a final round draw. His post-tourney rating is 1408 so congratulations on breaking into Class "C".

Steve v. Sanjna with a time scramble ahead.

The 5th Quad saw the only perfect 3-0 score by Dang.

 William v. Sarah and Khoa v. Dale

A special welcome to Joseph who was playing in his first rated tournament.and now has his first provisional rating of 478. I'm sure it will be leaping upwards quickly in the near future.

I hope everyone enjoyed the afternoon and I'll keep everyone posted on any future events.

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