Monday, September 20, 2010

3rd Round Results, 4th Round Pairings

Vincent        1    Duy          0
Jonathan      1    Brian        0
Frank          1    John T.     0
Khoa          1F  Kenneth    0F
Byes  Dang 1.0
         Herb  0.5
         Huy   0.5
         Lee   0.5
         Calvin 0.5

Round Four

Duy              Jonathan
Khoa            Frank
Huy              Herb
John T.         Brian
Lee              Dang
Calvin          Kenneth
Vince--Bye 0.5

I will ask once more that if you are not going to attend please let me know as soon as possible so that I can try to re-pair your scheduled opponent or at least save them a trip to the club. Also note that this is a FIVE round tournament with the final round on September 29th.

I'm open to suggestions for October--Quads, Swiss, Quick Chess, Time Controls--please let me know via email or by adding a comment to this blog (see comments section at the bottom). I'm thinking about a 45/45 Quad. This would be 45 minutes with a 45 second increment. A typical 40-60 move game could take 2.5 to 3 hours. It would be regular rated only. Also the idea of starting each meeting with a brief lesson has been requested. I would try to start the lesson by 5:15 and finish between 5:30-5:40 once most of the tournament players had arrived (I'll gauge interest in this by attendance).

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