Thursday, January 13, 2011

2nd Round Results, 3rd Round Pairings

Herb     0    Khoa    1
Vince    1   Thomas  0
Jim        0   Duy       1
Roger    0  Brian      1
Calvin    0  Frank     1
Collin    0   Huy       1
Rohan   0   Dang     1

Thomas v. Vince

White        Black
Khoa        Vincent
Brian         Duy
Frank        Herb
Thomas     Huy
Dang         Jim
Roger        Calvin
Collin        Rohan

Just some reminders:  This Saturday there is a tournament being hosted by Nam at the ACES on Pond Springs road near 183 from noon till 6pm. Also The Marble Fall Chess Club is holding an event on Saturday as well. A week from Saturday on January 22nd, the Temple chess club will be hosting an event and on January 29 Rocks and Rooks has a tournament scheduled. Please click the Austin Chess Tournaments link on the right of the screen and view upcoming events for all the details on these events.

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