Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Swiss Off and Running with 14 Players.

Our January Swiss is in progress with 14 players taking part in the action.

Khoa ponders his next move.

1sr Round Results

Duy     0.5   Calvin   0.5
Huy     0      Herb     1
Frank  0.5   Roger   0.5
Dang   0      Vince     1
Khoa   1      Collin     0
Rohan  0      Thomas  1

Byes--Brian, Jim--0.5

Roger v. Frank

2nd Round Pairings

White       Black
Herb        Khoa
Vince       Thomas
Jim           Duy
Roger       Brian
Calvin       Frank
Collin        Huy
Rohan       Dang

Thomas v. Rohan with Collin looking on

The December Swiss has been rated and the crosstable is here.  Just a couple of reminders--the Austin Chess Club is hosting it's 1st Annual Championship this weekend. The Marble Falls Chess Club has an event Saturday, January 15th, the Temple Chess Club is holding an event Saturday, January 22nd and Rocks & Rooks is hosting a tournament January 29th. Plenty of opportunities to get your game into high gear in the New Year! All the details can be found at the Austin Chess Tournaments site under upcoming events (see link on right side of blog).

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