Thursday, February 10, 2011

2nd Round Results, Third Round Pairings

Brian   0     Duy    1
Khoa  .5    Herb   .5
William .5  Calvin  .5
Roger   0   Huy     1
Thomas 0F Dang  1F
Rohan  1    Collin  0

Round Three Pairings

Duy      Herb
Calvin   Khoa
Dang     Brian
Huy       Rohan
Collin    William
Thomas  Roger

There has been some discussion of organizing a match with the Temple Chess Club. Would there be any interest from our members?

No details have been worked out but I would imagine it would be a Friday evening or Saturday event, USCF rated, with two games, one white, one black against your opponent. Please add a comment at the comment link below if you would be interested.

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