Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shuffle and Deal Open, third round results, fourth round pairings

Duy      1   Frank    0
Khoa    1   Calvin   0
Roger   1   Dang     0
William 1   Collin     0

Please review these results. Pairings changed on the fly due to some no-shows and bye requests. Email me or add a comment below if you spot an issue.

Round Four

Khoa      Duy
William   Herb
Brian      Rohan
Huy        Calvin
Frank     Roger
Dang      Collin

Georgetown--Temple Club Match

There is a current proposal on the table for a Georgetown\Temple club match to take place this Saturday, February 26th. They have 8 players ready to go, I know it's short notice but if you are interested please let me know asap. The event would be held in Temple beginning at 10 am (till ~ 5 pm) with a game/90 time control, USCF rated, with a break for lunch.

Players would be assigned tables by rating with 2 Temple, 2 Gtown players at each table. You would play two games, one against each opposing club member at your table. The club with the highest point total takes the traveling trophy till next year.

Their line-up is as follows:

Nate       1894
Frank     1836
Dannie  ~1700
Charles   1544
Duane     1456
Forrest    1349
William   1069
Wayne    1067

Our first priority is to see if we have 8 members interested in playing this Saturday and then try to match ratings. There is no entry fee. Your only costs are for your travel and lunch. Anyone who has ever played at our club is eligible to play in this event (and I may be flexible on that if you know a ringer--kidding).

If we can't get this done this Saturday, it could occur down the road a bit, perhaps over the summer. Please call, email, or leave a comment below if you are interested.

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