Thursday, June 16, 2011

4th Round Pairings, 3rd Round Results

4th Round

Herb         Vince
Dang         Calvin
Forrest      Jim
Thomas     Khoa
Dannie      Brian
George     Frank
William     Anh

3rd Round Results

Vince    1   Nam    0
Herb     1  Thomas 0
Calvin   1  Khoa    0
Brian    0   Dang   1
Frank   0   Forrest 1
William 0  Jim       1
George 0  Anthony 1
Emily    1F  Joshua  0F
Anh      0    Dannie 1

Next Wednesday is the last round for this month. I am open to suggestions for the June 29th meeting. We can play an unrated blitz tourney or a rated Quick Chess Game/15 three round (swiss or quads) or a 2 round Game/30 dual rated in 4 person sections by ratings.. No entry fee either way. If you have other ideas let me know (put your ideas in the comments field below) and we can vote on the most popular format at the next meeting.

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  1. Dannie has cast a vote for three round Swiss game/15