Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Swiss Pairings and round one results

With 19 (now 21!) players entered this is our largest tournament so far this year.

Round One Results

Emily    .5    Herb    .5
Anthony 0   Vince    1
Nam      1    Brian    0
Frank     1   Dannie  0
Calvin    1   William  0
George  0    Jim       1
Thomas .5   Mike    .5
Joshua   0    Dang    1
Forrest   1   Anh      0

Khoa--.5 Bye

Round Two Pairings

Nam         Frank
Vince        Calvin
Jim            Herb
Dang         Anthony
Brian         Forrest
Khoa        Emily

Revised Pairings

William L.    Thomas
Dannie          William M.
Glen             Joshua
Anh              George

Dannie      Thomas
Anh           George
William      Joshua

Mike--withdrew--0.0 bye

Upcoming events--This Saturday, June 5th there is a tournament in Round Rock just a short 10 minutes down I35 from Georgetown. Please see the link (Austin Kids Chess) on the right of your browser.

Next Saturday, June 11 there is a tournament in Waco just an hour north on I35. Please see/contact Forrest for details--flyers available at the club (also check Temple Chess Club link on right of screen).

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