Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simul Tonight!

On Wednesday, August 10th at 6:00 pm the Georgetown Chess Club will host National Master Alexander Balkum (US Chess Federation rating 2219) at the Georgetown Public Library (Friends Room) who will perform a simultaneous exhibition of up to 40 boards against all comers. Club members will have priority seating on the first 20 boards with the remainder of spots being available to the general public on a first come basis.  Spectators are welcome.

A simultaneous exhibition is typically performed with the Chess Master playing white against all opponents who are seated at tables forming a rectangle with the Master inside the rectangle moving from board to board. Etiquette dictates that each opponent waits until the Master arrives at the board to play their move, the Master than responds with his move and proceeds on. The players have time to think about their next move until the Master makes his way around the circuit. It is common for the Master to finish such events undefeated although occasionally an ambitious player can secure a win or a draw after a hard fought battle. Usually the event lasts about two hours with many games finishing in less then half that time.

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