Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simul info, August Schedule, July Swiss Final Results

The crosstable for the GCCJuly11Swiss can be found here.

Congratulations to Don for winning the U1500 section with 3.5 points for a clear first and an initial rating of 1551 (you are no longer eligible for the U1500 section). Honorable mention to William for tying for second with Forrest and for gaining 34 points and jumping into Class "D" at 1204.

Congratulations to Anthony and Dannie for tying for first in the Open section with 3.0 points. Anthony gained 25 points to jump into Class "A" at 1810. Dannie had a 60 point rating gain (regular: 1719) and a 125 point(!) rating gain on his QC rating to 1581(P20).

Just a reminder--no meeting on August 3rd (library closed). I'm hoping for an excellent turn-out for our August 10 simul with several players already pre-registered. I'm asking for those that wish to play to contribute $5 towards an honorarium for NM Alexander Balkum (USCF 2219) to thank him for volunteering to come to our club and perform a simultaneous exhibition.

Our August schedule is tenative as follows:

August 10th -- unrated simultaneous exhibition by NM Alexander Balkum--everyone welcome to play.

August 17th -- unrated Blitz tournament Game\5 --free entry-- number of rounds determined by entries--everyone is welcome to play.

August 24th --  unrated Quick Chess tournament Game\15 --free entry-- three round swiss system--everyone is welcome to play.

August 31st -- unrated Action tournament Game\30 --free entry-- two round swiss system in 4 person sections--everyone is welcome to play.

September 7th will be the start of our September Swiss Game\60 inc 15 4-SS Two sections Open and U1500 Entry fee: $2 -- you must be a USCF member to play in this event.

If you're interested in playing chess, August will be a great month to try out our club! Hope to see you at these events.

Finally, for those interested in printing out the article and game from Wednesday's discussion the link can be found here.

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