Thursday, May 10, 2012

2nd Round Results, 3rd Round Pairings

Anh v. John

2nd Round Results

Dean-Dang   0-1
Rohan-Roger 1-0
Calvin-Herb  0-1
George-Rithik 0-1
Jason-Darshan 1-0
Anh-John      1-0

Dean v. Dang
3rd Round Pairings

Dean-Rohan (2.0 each)
Herb-Jason  (1.5 each)
Roger-Dang (1.0 each)
Rithik-Anh   (1.0 each)
Darshan-George (0.5 each)
John-Calvin (0.0 each)

Remember there is a local tournament this Saturday, May 12th.  Details at the austinchesstournaments link on the right side of the screen. See you all next week!

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