Thursday, May 17, 2012

3rd Round Results, 4th Round Pairings

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3rd Round Results

Dean-Rohan  1-0
Herb-Jason    1-0
Roger-Dang   0-1
Rithik-Anh     1-0
Darshan-George  0-1
John-Calvin    0-1

Rithik v. Anh
4th Round Pairings

Herb 2.5-Dean 3.0
Dang 2.0-Rohan 2.0
Jason 1.5-Rithik 2.0
Anh 1.0-George 1.5
Calvin 1.0-Roger 1.0
Darshan 0.5-John 0.0

Dang v. Roger
May 30th -- Rather then play a 5th round. I am suggesting we play an unrated blitz  (5 minutes) tourney. Depending on turnout we should be able to play a round robin during the club time. No entry fee (free). The other option is to play a rated quick chess tourney 3-SS (Game\15) or quick chess quads depending on turnout (also free). Let me know your thoughts by email or comment below.

Dean v. Rohan
Our June Swiss will start on June 6th. One round per night on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th at a time control of Game\55 inc 10. Entry fee: $2 USCF membership required. Hope to see you there!

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