Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fourth Round Pairings, Third round results

Thomas S. v Forrest


Herb      Dannie
Anthony Frank
Thomas G. Nam
Dang      Emily
Khoa     Calvin

Frank v. WCM Emily


Don      William
Forrest  Anh
George  Rohan
Thomas S.--Bye--1.0

Nam v. Dannie


Herb    .5    Anthony   .5
Dannie  1    Nam         0
Emily    0     Frank       1
Thomas G. 1 Khoa      0
Dang    .5    Calvin      .5


Anh      0   William   1
Rohan   0   Don       1
Thomas S. 0 Forrest 1

William v. Anh

Reminder: No meeting on August 3 and the Simul tenative for August 10th.

My apologies to all those who received a spam. My email has been hacked again. If anyone has any tips on how to prevent this let me know.

Casual Game

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