Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Third Round Pairings, Second Round Results


Herb            Anthony
Dannie         Nam
Emily           Frank
Thomas G.  Khoa
Dang           Calvin


Anh          William
Rohan       Don
Thomas S. Forrest

Frank  0     Herb    1
Anthony 1  Khoa    0
Dannie  .5  Emily    .5
Nam    1    Dang     0
Calvin   .5  Thomas G. .5

William   1  Thomas S.  0
Forrest   .5  Don   .5
George   0   Anh    1
Rohan  Bye--1.0

Just a reminder: The Waco tournament is this Saturday, July 23rd. See Forrest for details.
Also please note that the library will be closed August 1-5th so no meeting on Wednesday, August 3rd.

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  1. Hi there, are there any opportunities for non tourney, non-USCF games? I'm not a member of the USCF.