Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Tourneys and August tenative schedule

The start of the lecture series seemed to be well received although we will have to adjust the timing. The interactive lecture lasted from 5:30 to 6:00 as we covered the middlegame attack and final moves of the Steinitz-Von Bardeleben game from Hastings, 1895.

Adding the Under 1500 section seemed popular as well with entries roughly evenly split among the open and u1500 sections.

Next week I will try to start the lecture by 5:15 pm in order to finish by 5:45 pm and let the games begin.

Since we are seeing an influx of new players who are not yet USCF members, we will offer a series of one night events in August with at least one unrated section. Some of the suggestions/options for the 5 Wednesdays in August include Game\5 blitz, Game\15 Quick Chess (rated/unrated--swiss or quads), Game\30 with 4 person sections 2 rounds in one night, variants include a thematic night with all games requiring the first few moves of a specific opening (i.e. Ruy Lopez, Queen's Gambit, etc.). A simul if we can lure/hire an austin master to come to Georgetown. Thomas G. has suggested dividing the club and playing a consultation game, of course this opens up all sorts of possibilities--group consulting, alternating each team member in turn to make one move without communication, candidate move voting, etc.

All suggestions welcome. Email me or add to comments below.

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